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spacerThe decision to pursue plastic surgery is a personal one. When done appropriately, it is a positive life experience. My goal is to meet with you, evaluate what areas concern you, and discuss the possibilities. To achieve results, I’ll bring my skills as a Stanford, breast and cosmetic fellowship trained, board certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice for over 16 years. I will bring my compassion, my education, and my experience; you’ll bring your desire to maximize and sustain the results we reach together.

I believe you must feel comfortable and open with your plastic surgeon. My greatest satisfaction as a cosmetic doctor, and as a woman, comes afterward– when we appreciate the results achieved, whether it be enhancing what you have or reconstructing an area back to normal.  I have lived in the Bay Area for over 25 years. My patients come from all over Northern California and the Bay Area, with a concentration in the cities of the Peninsula near my office. I understand the natural aesthetic and active lifestyles of my patients.

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Having children is a blessing, and one of the best journeys I have ever taken.  As a mother of three, I know the toll pregnancy takes on the body.  Plastic surgery after pregnancy is not needed by everyone.  But for many it allows us a way to reclaim our bodies after having babies.  The benefits to self esteem and sexuality can be great.


Many people wanting plastic surgery know the areas they want to improve, but may not know exactly which treatments can help solve their specific flaws.

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