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In Our 40s: Think Eyes and Brow

Unfortunately, aging continues. This is still a good time for skin care (products /peels /soft tissue fillers /BOTOX® Cosmetic) and common plastic surgical procedures (breast surgery, liposuction, tummy tucks).

People in their 40s start to notice they look “older” or tired. This is usually predominantly due to aging around the eyes. The procedure needed is either a browlift, an upper eyelid lift / lower eyelid lift, or a combination of these. Sometimes, lower facial aging becomes noticeable. If your jowls or neck are becoming noticeable, this may be a good time to consult a cosmetic surgeon about a facelift or facial liposuction.

This is also a time to start doing a skin survey, looking at moles and other skin lesions, as skin cancers become more common as we age. If you have not had a mammogram, get a baseline, and make sure you do self exams. To speak with a Palo Alto cosmetic surgeon about maintaining your health and appearance, contact my practice today.

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