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Tummy Tuck After Major Weight Loss – don’t forget the pubic area. Journal time.

Posted: February 8, 2017 > Body > Featured Post > In the news > interesting & new > Journal Time > Post Pregnancy Body > tummy tuck > Blog Home

When you have major weight loss (50-100 pounds), your skin is loose on your abdomen and tummy tucks are common. When doing the tummy tuck, it is important to also address the pubic area. Many times this area is droopy, stretched out, and/or has fat. I would argue this is important to address on someone of any size when doing a tummy tuck or liposuction.

This study comes out of Pittsburgh, and they were looking at if fixing the Mons (pubic area) would also improve sexual function or urinary issues.

January 2017, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, “The Impact of Abdominal Contouring with Monsplasty of Sexual Funciton and Urogential Distress in Women Following Massive Weight Loss.”


  • 40 patients, 20 had tummy tuck with mons plasty, 20 had no surgery
  • Evaluated with questionnaires.
  • Mean age 47.  No significant difference in age, BMI, baseline values.
  • Follow up 3 months


  • The surgical group had statistical improvement in urinary function. (urinary incontinence.)
  • As for the sexual parameters, there was no difference in arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, or pain.
    • Plication of muscles did not affect anything, except for a decrease in arousal.
  • Hormone status was evaluated for all (pre/post menopausal, taking hormones)

Their conclusion: Monsplasty helps with urinary issues. They cite other studies which stated there were improvements from abdominoplasty on sexual parameters like hygiene, movement dynamics, aesthetics, and use of swimsuits or tight pants. They argue a prettier pubic area should improve self esteem, which should help sexual activity and satisfaction.

My thoughts?

Don’t forget the pubis. I focus on this with all of my tummy tucks and liposuction cases. With yoga pants and general aesthetics, this is a part of the body which must be addressed. I loved learning it may have health benefits (yay! it could help to make it so you don’t leak when you laugh or sneeze?) and I have to imagine it helps with feeling better about sex even if their study did not show any statistical significance.

I like the study brought up focusing on this area. It is an important reminder.


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