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Can a breast reduction help you work and produce more? Journal Time!

Posted: February 1, 2017 > Breast > breast lift & reduction > Featured Post > In the news > interesting & new > Journal Time > Post Pregnancy Breast > Blog Home

LaurenGreeberg_BreastReductionNot sure if this is a good thing to mention or not, because most women I know are multi-tasking and working a ridiculous amount already, BUT here it goes, “Increased Capacity for Work and Productivity After Breast Reduction.”  Yes, get a breast reduction, and you can work more. This was a study done in Brazil and presented in the January 2017 Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

  • 60 patients were entered into the study, ages 18-60.
  • They all worked outside of the home, with formal employment
  • They were evaluated using 2 questionnaires to assess:
    • work productivity and activity impairment
    • work limitations
  • before surgery and 6 months after.
  • They looked at things like absenteeism, impairment at work due to health, activity impairment outside of work due to health. They looked at physical issues, social interactions, and other things as well.


  • Average age 33.
  • Weight resected varied: 210-1985 g.  average 617 g.
  • They used the anchor (inverted T) technique
  • Statistically significant findings: Everything got better.
    • decrease in work hours lost
    • decrease in impairment at work
    • decrease in productivity loss
    • decrease in impairment of daily activity

My thoughts?

This is a good study to show scientifically what we already know: when you have large pendulous breasts it takes a toll on you- physically, mentally, socially. Here they show supporting a qualified woman to have a breast reduction will help her be a more productive, better worker. My favorite line in their article is, “The results of this study also support the claim that reduction mammaplasty is a surgical procedure of an essentially functional nature.” I see women have fewer headaches, get off workman’s comp, stop seeing chiropractors, have better posture, be able to work out more, feel more confident. I love breast reductions.


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