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arm lift “brachioplasty”

There are two issues which age the arm: loose skin and fat.  Particularly after major weight loss, there is poor skin tone and excess hanging skin.  For this reason, many won’t wear short-sleeved shirts or tank tops due to the laxity of their upper arm skin.  An arm lift, called a brachioplasty, involves the excision of excess skin and liposuction of the fat.

The scar depends on the amount of laxity.  If you have good skin tone and haven’t had major weight changes, liposuction alone can contour the arm.  This helps give definition of the underlying muscles and decreases the size of the arm.  This is by far my preferred choice due to the tiny scar.  The skin does tighten some, particularly with ultrasonic liposuction.

If you have loose skin, then the skin needs to be removed, which leaves a scar.  For those with mild laxity going to the mid arm, I can do a small scar.  As this is a cosmetic body contouring procedure, I try to hide and minimize the scar in the armpit only. For people who have undergone significant weight loss, with loose skin running to the elbow, a larger scar usually is necessary.  This runs along the inside of the arm, so it is not visible when your arm is against your side.

What I was looking for — and found in Lauren Greenberg — is knowledge, skill, and integrity.
– O.S., Belmont

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