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medial thigh lift

A medial thigh lift, also known as an inner thigh lift,  involves the excision of excess skin and removal of fat.  Particularly for people after massive weight loss or those with older skin, the inner thigh skin droops.  This can be a problem of just skin, or skin and fat.  This fullness and sagging skin does not respond to diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, you cannot “tone it up,” as skin is not a muscle.  If your issue is just fat, and the skin tone is still okay, then I strongly recommend liposuction.  This will give you a good contour with minimal scar.

When you have a lot of excess skin, with or without fat, you need to cut out skin to tighten the area.  There are two basic scars: one confined to the groin crease, and one which runs down the inner part of the thigh.  I strongly prefer the one confined to the groin crease.  As with all surgeries, my question to you is what is your goal? Is it to wear a bathing suit? shorts? or just look good in pants? You need to decide the tradeoff of loose skin versus a scar. I will walk you through this decision process during your consultation.

As with all surgeries, my question to you is what is your goal?
– Dr. Greenberg

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