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breast augmentation

Breast augmentation enhances breast shape and size, corrects a loss of volume after pregnancy and breast feeding, improves symmetry, and gives the breasts a small lift. I am a female plastic surgeon.  I focus on a natural aesthetic, which resonates with my Bay Area Palo Alto patient base.  I did an additional fellowship in breast surgery.  This is the single most common surgery I do.

First, I meet you in my Palo Alto office to discuss options. There are two basic options on how to reconstruct the breast.  Fat grafting, where I perform liposuction and transfer your own fat to the breast to give you volume, and the traditional breast implants to do breast enhancement.

fat grafting

This is a new frontier of breast augmentation. Learn more about fat grafting here.

implant breast augmentation

You will decide between using silicone “gel” breast implants or saline breast implants, placement of the implant in front of or behind the muscle, the incision site, and the size. I do a wide range of combinations, contouring each surgery to the individual patient.

Learn more about breast implants.

incision locations

There are three different incisional approaches I use: the axilla (armpit,) periareolar (a small incision at the junction of the areola and breast skin), or inframammary (underneath the breast where an underwire goes). There are pros and cons to each, which I review during your consultation.  You can do an incision which preserves your ability to breast feed.  Sensation is affected more by what size you choose, not the location of your incision.

I love my results and I feel that Dr. Greenberg achieved exactly what I was looking for. They fit my body very nicely and they look natural.
– T.H., San Jose

the consultation process

During your consultation in my office in Palo Alto, I meet with you personally. The choices in breast enhancement can be confusing. I strongly believe in education and will help you understand the pros and cons of gel versus saline breast implants, subglandular versus subpectoral placement, sizing, incision choices, and implant styles (low, medium, and high profile implants, shaped /anatomic implants versus round implants.) During my exam, I note differences between your breasts. Most women are asymmetric. Frequently the breasts have different sizes or positions. Nipples are at different heights. The rib cage may be asymmetric. It is important during breast enhancement we see these asymmetries and soften them, to try to make you more symmetric. There are breast shapes which require special techniques, particularly the tubular breast and constricted breast. During this initial exam, I have you try on implant sizers to help visualize the results and size, so bring a form-fitting top. Photos of breasts you consider attractive are useful.  And I will do Vectra 3D imaging to help you visualize your results.

choosing your surgeon

Again, breast augmentation is a surgery where choosing your surgeon is important. Make sure the surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and you feel comfortable with them. Find out how often they do the procedure. Some of us did additional fellowship training specializing in breast surgery after our plastic surgical training. Most importantly, look at the photos. Every surgeon has an aesthetic, what they think is a “pretty breast.” Make sure you agree.

I focus as well on your breasts over time. Are you pre babies? After? What is a good long term plan with implants?

Also one of the biggest issues with implants is capsular contracture, where the implants feel hard over time.  I do many things to prevent this from forming, including use of the Keller funnel.  Please see my blogs on biofilm and the keller funnel.

breast augmentation recovery

The cosmetic breast augmentation surgery is 1 ½ hours. Recovery time is one to two weeks.

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