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revision breast surgery

This category is primarily for women following breast implants.  As a specialist in breast surgery and augmentation, I am referred many difficult issues with breasts.  The reasons vary.

These surgeries can be difficult, though many are simple.  Every patient is different.  When I perform revision breast surgery, what I do varies, and includes neopocket, change of implant plane, change from gel to saline or vice versa, size changes, capsular contracture (hardening) removal, complete removal of implant and capsule, and revisions including a breast lift.

If possible, please bring a copy of your original operation report and your card of implant type and size with you.  (You can get this from your original surgeon’s office or from the hospital you where you had your surgery.)  Unlike a first time breast augmentation, we know a lot more information about what you want.

USE THIS SURGERY AS A TIME TO IMPROVE THINGS.  Do you like the implant volume? Do your right and left side feel even? Do you like the feel of the implant? The width? These and other questions let me tailor your next surgery to insure we get you to your desired result.

I had 40 year old breast implants that were ruptured and Dr. Greenberg removed them and gave me a lift too. My breasts have never looked so wonderful and I know that if others were to see my before and after pictures her already busy office would be over flowing.
– S.R., Mill Valley

If you have an issue with your implants, please see a plastic surgeon.  I have seen many women who live with hard, asymmetric, or misshapen breasts for many years, and when they finally see me and do the revision surgery, they wonder why they waited so long.  This surgery for many is not painful and can leave you with a much better result.  A consultation will give you great information.

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