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Exceptional Results

Skin Fillers Testimonials

“You must have absolute confidence in your surgeon. Me, I didn’t have to think twice.”

My introduction to Dr. Lauren Greenberg was in the beautiful work she did in giving me breasts. Breasts that look real and natural, and that fit my build. If you didn’t know they weren’t real, you’d never guess. That was nearly five years ago now, and I appreciate daily what she has done for me. Given me a figure where once there was none. But in the years that have followed this transformation, I’ve embarked upon other transformations as well, seeking now to combat the effects of time on the face and hands, and on the skin overall. I have a figure finally, now I want to forestall the aging process just a little. Slow it down, and enjoy life. Dr. Greenberg works magic with the needle. She does Botox, and you don’t look like you have Botox. You look smoother, younger, the perpetual frown is gone, and, if you’re lucky, there will be a slight lift to your brows, which helps open up the area around your eyes. They’ll look a little bigger, a little brighter. But you won’t look like you’ve had anything done. You will look like you, and you will have the full range of expression. Dr. Greenberg works with fillers as well, and, again, the results are beautiful. Those pesky lines around your eyes and mouth will smooth out and melt away. It’s you, it’s all you, just with the clock cranked back a bit. And people will stop asking you whether you’re getting enough sleep. But aging is relentless. Came the day, about three years ago, when I could no longer bear how hollow my face had become. I had the look about me of starvation. The standard fillers won’t do much for such large hollowed out areas. Dr. Greenberg suggested Sculptra. Sculptra doesn’t just fill in lines, it adds volume. And it lasts, for up to two years or more. But it means, perhaps more so than with anything else, you must have absolute confidence in your surgeon. Me, I didn’t have to think twice. Three years later, and I look better than I could have ever imagined. No one knows I’m having “work” done. People tell me I look healthy. I wouldn’t let anyone else near my face. My doc’s touch is sure, her eye unerring. She’s simply the best.

O.S., Breast Augmentation and Skin Fillers patient, Redwood, CA

“I went back three weeks later for a second round!”

Lauren Greenberg is the only board certified plastic surgeon I will let work on me now. Dr. Greenberg takes as much time as you need during consults to ensure that you have all the information you need, and that all questions are answered. I went in wanting a breast reduction and mini face lift, and instead she told me I needed a lift, not a reduction and could do it with a lollypop incision. My other surgeon that I was schedule for the procedure said I had to have an anchor incision and take me down to a C, which is smaller than I wanted. This is a HUGE difference in scarring and size. It’s easier to take off more breast tissue later on if I want them smaller than to have to put an implant in to get the size back. Regarding the request for a mini face lift, she said it wasn’t time and suggested several other options that were non-invasive and much less expensive. (I am 48 years old). I said I’d go the Juvederm route first, and she stayed late to administer it without hesitation. I went back three weeks later for a second round, and the next day coworkers told me how good/rested I looked – vibrant with great skin! Dr. Greenberg does not up sell you, gives you all of the downsides of treatments and surgeries and is honest about complications that past patients have had and how to avoid them. She doesn’t talk down to you, doesn’t use clinical terms that a layman would not understand, and uses analogies to explain how the different options work. She is very busy, and you need to be patient when making appointments because she is so booked…because she is THAT good. I have two more procedures scheduled with her and am no longer afraid to have the surgery. Check out her website – she puts so much time and thought into it to educate her patients and the public. She described the different incisions for breast reductions/lifts including what she favors and how she does it. Don’t have fillers or surgeries done until you have the chance to meet her. You’ve be happy you did.

N.M., Breast Lift and Skin Fillers patient, San Jose, CA

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