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Exceptional Results

out of town patients

I have many patients who travel from out of town for surgery.  Why? Many know someone who was a patient of mine, some used to live in the Bay Area,and others live in smaller towns lacking a good certified plastic surgeon.  I am happy to operate on those from out of town, and I try to minimize the amount of travel you need to do.

initial consultation

Your initial consultation is with me for an hour.  This consultation is done weeks to months ahead of your surgery date.  I cannot do this over the internet and phone- I need to meet with and see you.  It is at this point we decide on our surgical plan.

preop & surgery

We will need to make sure all of your test results (if needed: bloodwork, mammogram, EKG) are received prior to the preop date.  For those traveling from California and Nevada, I will do your preop two weeks prior to the surgery date.  To facilitate things for those traveling from farther out of state, I can do the preop the night before surgery.

The surgery then takes place.  Recovery the first night can be in hospital, a local hotel, or with a local “nurse” service.  My staff can provide you the names and numbers of the local hotels and services.


For those traveling throughout Northern California, you will see me for your first visit 1 -2 days after surgery and can then travel home.  For those from out of state, you should anticipate being here for 2 weeks total after surgery.

My office and surgery centers are in Palo Alto, California.  My office is on the campus of Stanford University.  The weather here is mild year round, and Palo Alto is a lovely place to recouperate following surgery.  Remember though during the immediate postoperative period you will not have your normal activity level.

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