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Latisse is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis.

What is hypotrichosis?  That is a fancy way of saying you have

Latisse is based on a glaucoma drug and the active ingredient has been around for some time.  It went through other brands before, but due to patents Revitalash and Jan Marini had to change their formulas, so the active ingredient is now only in the Latisse brand.

Latisse will thicken, grow, and make eyelashes darker.  It is FDA approved.

Will it help when you have chemo eyelash loss?

For many of my breast cancer patients, Latisse has helped them regrow their lashes faster and fuller.

How long do you need to do it to see effect?

It really works but you need to use it regularly for the first two months to see the full effect.  You apply it to the upper lashes with a small wand daily.  If you stop using it, after about four months you would see the effects wane.

I sell Latisse in my Palo Alto office.  It is part of the Allergan Brilliant Distinction program, which offers rebates and points.

For more information you can go to their website at www.latisse.com

Everywhere I go, people of all ethnicities comment on how beautiful, thick and long my lashes are, and I refer them all to Dr. Greenberg.
– B.B., San Francisco

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