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Botox Helps with Depression!? A Study Says It’s True.

Posted: June 15, 2016 > botox > Face > In the news > interesting & new > Journal Time > Skin / Nonsurgical > Blog Home

shutterstock_98105513I had a patient who was in my office today who said she is due for her botox. I said, “Great. It’s good to do before the squinting and bright sun of summer.” And she said, “That’s not why I do it. I don’t care about my wrinkles. I do it for my depression.”


This was new for me to hear. I know botox helps with migraine headaches. I even have a friend who thought it helped her get dates. (We think it was because she looked more relaxed and approachable.) But a treatment for depression?

So I went to the best place to find where this rumor started. Yes. I went to Dr. Google. And in researching I found the original study.

It was a study presented at the American Psychiatry Association Annual scientific┬ámeeting in May 2014. (I don’t know how I missed this news for so long.) The study is out of Hannover Germany, and they found Botox to treat the facial muscles used to show emotion decreased symptoms of depression.


  • Injection was done in the glabella area (area between the eyebrows)
  • 30 patients were treated
  • They had high levels of chronic and treatment resistant depression
  • They were randomly assigned to get a single injection of botox or saline (water)
  • Six weeks later, they were evaluated.


  • the Botox group had a 47% reduction in depression symptoms vs. those in the placebo group who had a 9.2% reduction. (!)
  • The effect size was even larger at the end of the study.
  • They used multiple tools to measure the depression. They all agreed.
  • The findings have since been repeated in 2 other studies.

WOW. And why? They think it is due to the link between emotions and your facial muscle movements. Essentially a biofeedback, where the muscles send signals to the brain to reinforce emotions. My patient said she noticed the difference in how she feels immediately. “I just feel more relaxed. I took Paxil in the past and Botox helps me as much as it did.”

Just another thing to add to the wonderful list of what Botox does.

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