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Deals and specials: Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, and Restylane. And what about groupon or other deals of the day?

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quick blog.

1. I have tons of goodies coming up. 

  • Did you print out your brilliant distinctions coupon? If you are signed up, you will get rebates which you print out and bring in to me for additional money saved.  This is good for Allergan products: Latisse, Juvederm, Botox.
  • Botox special day: September 8.  This may be the last one of this for a while (I am able to offer it with help from the rep).  24 units for $275, 48 for $450. 
  • $100 off each syringe of Juvederm.  Til September 15.  This is not a mail in rebate. Read my blog on what to do before doing filler to avoid bruising! (it works!)
  • Restylane and Dysport (another brand of botox) day.  September 15.  Use two syringes of Restylane, and get a free area of Dysport (a $325 value!!)  Dysport also has a special going on right now, where you get $50 off each treatment, and another $50 off if you can show you used Botox or Dysport from 3-12 months ago. (These are mail in rebates for the money off, the free area of Dysport is from here.)

2.  Groupon and other “deals of the day” and plastic surgery.

I have not done any of these.  Today I got the Plastic Surgery Practice magazine, and their lead article was about doctor offices and the “deal of the day” sites.  They state “Partnerships between medical practices and third party “deal of the day” organizations such as Groupon, when based on compensation per lead is fee splitting, which is violation of the law in many jurisdictions.”  I do not mean to single out Groupon.  There are many sites: livingsocial, dailydibs, etc.  In the article the people interviewed do feel these laws are antiquated and have not caught up with the internet and e-commerce age. But as of now, deals of the day are in a legal gray area.

Until everything is clearer, I will stick with the good old fashioned specials.  They might not be broadcast widely, but I am more about grass root support anyway.

Please feel free to forward on to a friend.

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